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Activities for the Kids

It's just about time for winter break and I know many moms, myself included, will be looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy. Many daycares will have more kiddos to keep busy for the next couple of weeks, as well. It's also very different this year, with digital school and limited interaction with their friends.

So, let's talk about activities for the kids. We definitely want to keep them engaged and that's not always easy to do. Finding something that entertains all of the kiddos you're in charge of isn't an easy task at all. So many different personalities and areas of interest.

For the younger kiddos, coloring seems to be a common interest. So, grab some coloring books or print off some color pages, like these. Then, turn it into a learning activity at the same time. These baby and zoo animal coloring pages can be turned into a dual activity by having the kids color them and making a lesson out of learning about each animal on them.

Got some older kiddos? How about some word searches? Give them these seasons and holidays colorable word searches and they have two activities in one. They can color in the borders, complete the word searches and you can turn it into a learning activity about each season and holiday.

How about those book readers? They need something to mark their page without dog-earing it. Bookmarks! There are all sorts of bookmarks available and it's easy to make their own, too. Coloring bookmarks, like this, are available for easy download and print. Or, bookmarks with beautiful designs or cute sayings, even gorgeous scenery!

No matter what you find engaging for the kiddos, you can find an activity for it! There are so many activities you can do with them. Research easy home science experiments on Google, browse Etsy for printables, turn everything into a learning experience.

Make this winter break a new experience for everyone and keep the kiddos in that learning mindset. We all know this year has been quite different than years before and it may just be the beginning of how things are changing for us and them.

Tell me how your winter break will be different. Share with me your new activities with the kids or the way you are changing the activities you've done in the past to fit with the way our world is today!

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