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Welcome to 2021

Is it 2021? Or maybe 2020 WON? How about we make it what we want it to be? Last year was crazy, to say the least. First the pandemic hit, then the midwest got hit by the Derecho in August. Parents have had to learn along with their children, because we all know we forgot…

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Activities for the Kids

It’s just about time for winter break and I know many moms, myself included, will be looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy. Many daycares will have more kiddos to keep busy for the next couple of weeks, as well. It’s also very different this year, with digital school and limited interaction with their…

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Cryssi’s Creations US on Etsy

As you’ve seen recently, I’ve started dabbling in digital printables. In doing this, I’ve started an Etsy shop for digital downloads. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with digital designs. I used to make signature graphics for fellow moms on CafeMom and I’ve been making designs for friends and family for a long time. So, starting…

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Recipe Cards

There’s nothing better than handing down recipes. I have a box of my grandmother’s handwritten recipes that I treasure. So, I decided to make a couple recipe card templates just for you! Now, you and I can pass down our recipes or share them with friends, all with our own little touch (handwritten). So, get…

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Rising up from disaster

On August 10, 2020, a severe wind storm (Derecho) tore through the Midwest. It left a path of damage and destruction from the Western edge of South Dakota/Nebraska to Northwest Ohio, 770 miles in 14 hours. Iowa was hit hardest, with wind gusts reaching 140 mph. In my hometown, Cedar Rapids, it damaged or destroyed…

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Diving in, head first

I’ve left this on the back burner for far too long. Time to dive in and get going. Recently, I started a class on digital designs and Etsy. I’ve rather enjoyed it and have realized I have a bit of a creative mind. With that said, I’m going to expand my focus to encompass my…

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