Buffalo wing - Satay

Let’s talk Wings!

Who doesn’t love wings? Okay, I know some don’t but my family does! Especially flats! We like the drumettes, but flats win out time and time again! Wings are even easier to prepare with the help of the Instant Pot®. I’m tellin’ ya, this gadget has been a great addition to my kitchen and it’s…

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Leaf vegetable - Produce

Summery Dill Cucumber Salad

It’s mid-winter here in Iowa and I’m longing for the warmth to come in a few months. I like to make recipes that bring me to the summer mindset sometimes, to break up the monotony of winter. *This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive commission for purchases through these links.* This is…

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Israeli salad - Greek salad

Let’s Talk Keto

I’ve talked about the Keto diet a while back on here. I did attempt it but, due to my allergy to tree nuts, it just wasn’t a good fit for me. That being said, I have some friends that have had great success utilizing this diet. This is a more indepth overview of the diet,…

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Take-out - Pasta

10 One Dish Meals

One dish meals are great for those times when you just can’t muster up the motivation, energy or time to cook an elaborate meal. Instead of needing to several items to create a meal, one dish meals allow you to feel yourself and your family bountifully with just one delicious dish. One dish, less clean…

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Recipe Cards

There’s nothing better than handing down recipes. I have a box of my grandmother’s handwritten recipes that I treasure. So, I decided to make a couple recipe card templates just for you! Now, you and I can pass down our recipes or share them with friends, all with our own little touch (handwritten). So, get…

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