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Try a Coin Flip Trip!

What’s that, you say? Well, let me tell you! It’s about the most fun trip we’ve had in a while! We drove down roads we’d never been on, saw towns and landscape we hadn’t seen and even found a place to eat that we’d never eaten at before. It was a great day and my…

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Self Care isn’t Selfish

Sometimes, when you put your wants and needs first, people will call you selfish. They’ll make you feel like you shouldn’t do things for yourself or do things that make you feel better. Well, they’re wrong. What you’re doing is called self care. Whether it’s something as simple as getting your nails done or taking…

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Meet Damien

In my last post about this year, I bragged a bit about my youngest starting his first job.  I’m overjoyed to see him take this step into the workforce, more so than even my other children when they started working.  Let me tell you why. Damien is high functioning autistic.  So, you see, him getting…

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Welcome to 2021

Is it 2021? Or maybe 2020 WON? How about we make it what we want it to be? Last year was crazy, to say the least. First the pandemic hit, then the midwest got hit by the Derecho in August. Parents have had to learn along with their children, because we all know we forgot…

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Activities for the Kids

It’s just about time for winter break and I know many moms, myself included, will be looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy. Many daycares will have more kiddos to keep busy for the next couple of weeks, as well. It’s also very different this year, with digital school and limited interaction with their…

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Iowa Strong

Recently, I posted a design commemorating the devastating storm that came through the Midwest on August 10th and our collective recovery from it. And Here It Is! Well, ladies and gentlemen, after a few unexpected delays, they are finished and ready for you! Here they are, in all their steadfast glory: I’ve designed them in…

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