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Iowa Strong

Recently, I posted a design commemorating the devastating storm that came through the Midwest on August 10th and our collective recovery from it.

And Here It Is!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after a few unexpected delays, they are finished and ready for you! Here they are, in all their steadfast glory:

I've designed them in two ways, hanging decor and magnets. You choose which you would like and I'll get the appropriate one to you. I did a run of 25 with a hole to hang and 25 with a magnet back to start and, if enough interest, I will make another run. They are approximately 3 1/2″x2″. Perfect size for hanging from a shelf, displayed on your refrigerator or on your tree for years to come.

These beautiful wooden reminders of the iconic storm and our steadfast, Iowa Strong, resilience are $10/each (plus shipping, if required). A portion of the proceeds from each will go to a local non-profit, Bridge Under the Bridge, to help support their mission. Shipping is available and will be calculated accordingly.

Recovery is going to take a long time

We are just beginning to truly start to recover from the devastation we experienced in August, but we are Iowa Strong and we will rise up. Get your unique keepsake of this memorable event today and help support a local non-profit at the same time!


  1. Cassie Beck says:

    I’d really like to order one . Also in wellington

  2. Alyssa Hague says:

    Cryssi those turned out great! I would take one as an ornament.

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