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Self Care isn’t Selfish

Sometimes, when you put your wants and needs first, people will call you selfish. They'll make you feel like you shouldn't do things for yourself or do things that make you feel better.

Well, they're wrong. What you're doing is called self care. Whether it's something as simple as getting your nails done or taking an hour to read in peace, it's self care.

We tend to focus on the needs of others, including our families, and put ourselves last. Then we wonder why we're run down, depressed, stressed out. We need our self care routines to keep us grounded and keep us from falling down a negativity hole.

Self care is important because it takes care of our mind, body and soul. Even if you have to write the time into your schedule, it's very important to do so.

Each person's idea of self care will be different, so it's up to you to figure out the activities and choices you consider self care. It could be reading a book, cooking a meal from scratch, having a spa day or just saying no when you are just stretched too thin.

Self care ideas:

  • Get a manicure
  • Read a book
  • Say no without feeling selfish
  • Take a nap without an alarm
  • Learn something new
  • Go for a walk
  • Dance around your living room to your favorite music
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Try yoga
  • Cook or bake something you enjoy
  • Treat yourself to a lunch or dinner out
  • Read some inspirational posts
  • Get a massage

Other things you can do that are self care are decluttering your closet and home, making your bed every day and taking a few to collect your thoughts before you start your day.

What ideas do you have for your own self care? Maybe they'll inspire someone else.

This was my self care today. Worth every penny and the time spent for them.

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