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The Ban Hammer – Facebook Restriction

I spent the last 24 hours banned from posting, commenting or liking anything on Facebook. Otherwise known as Facebook Jail!

Why did I get banned?

Because almost a year ago, I tried to share a meme that Facebook deemed sexual content (a post with a lady in a corset, fully covered, with a saying on it) and I commented just before the ban on my son's post about his daughter saying ‘girls are the worst' and Facebook deemed that comment hate speech.

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Why am I telling you this?

I'm using this as an example that Facebook is a business and they decide (whether you agree or not) on what is appropriate for their business pages and what is not. Just as any other business, they have the right to do just that. They don't have to consider content or your intended meaning, they won't either.

While we would like to think our pages on social media are private, they are not. We can restrict who can see most of what we put on them, but not everything. We cannot restrict the social media company from seeing anything we put on our pages, let alone anything we say on other's pages.

Don't get me wrong. Did I think for one second that saying ‘girls are the worst' (which they are) on that thread would garner me a 24 hour suspension on Facebook? No way. I was stating a fact, in my eyes, from the experience in raising boys and girls that girls are the worst. I stand behind that comment and there was no hate speech or mal-intent in it at all.

It's not equal, either.

After my ban, some friends did an experiment. They both posted the same comment, as a post on their respective walls, to see if they would garner warnings, as well.

The ban hammer, as those who receive it often call it, is not equal for all. One got a warning about their post and the post was removed. The other got absolutely nothing. Not even a warning.

So, as you see from that experiment, the ban hammer is not 100% across the board just as it's not appropriate or accurate 100% of the time when it so chooses who to reprimand.

That's not fair!

Well, it's not, but what is? The saying ‘Life isn't Fair' is accurate in more ways and more aspects of life than we think.

From the schoolyard to the workplace, life will never be fair. Beauty brings attention, your friends will take your side over others, intelligence is unfairly distributed. None of these are fair, but they are life.

The same goes for businesses deciding how you should be when in their presence. Perhaps I've brought more attention to myself with my postings and that's why I was noticed. Perhaps it was another reason all together why my post got noticed but my friend's didn't. I'm sure I'll never know. I do know the changes I'll make moving forward.

We do know it was not due to someone reporting it, which also does happen. In this particular scenario, be wary of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Not everyone on your friend list is your friend.

My Business Suffered

For 24 hours, I couldn't run my business pages. I couldn't interact with potential customers or offer quality content to those who are already subscribers or customers. This is detrimental to any business. I don't want to think about how too deal with that if it was longer.

I can't have that happen again. My business is too important to me to allow inconsistent content. So, changes must be made.

Changing things

As it appears that almost every statement you make can be construed as something it's not, I guess I'll have to be more attentive to minding my p's and q's on social media. At least for a while.

So, for now, I'll be careful that nothing I post falls into the new ‘Community Standards‘ for Facebook as I'm sure I'll be on the radar for a while.

However, in response to them, GIRLS ARE THE WORST! My two daughters were worse than my two sons ever were. At least I won't get banned from my own blog for saying it!

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