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17 Fun Ways to Have a Spanking Good Summer with Kids

The summer is here, and you know what that means? It's time to make the most of it! Here are 17 ways for parents to have a spanking good summer with their kids. From trips out on the town to staying in and cooking together, these fun activities will keep the kids entertained all summer long. So get ready for some sun-kissed memories with your little ones (big ones, too) this season!

1. Go to the library and check out a book schedule for your local library.

Reading can be a really fun and educational experience for many kids in the summer. You'll want to have some books ready so your child or children are able to pick something they're interested in, but you also need ideas on how to keep them entertained when reading is finished! Here's an idea that will work well with any book: provide feedback about what it was like while finishing the story. Did they enjoy themselves? Are there parts of the story that were more enjoyable than others? Would they recommend this particular title based on their past experiences with other things similar titles offer? It may seem simple at first glance – give words instead of pictures after all – but these questions get them thinking critically about literature which helps build analytical habits to help them out later in life.

This will be a fun activity for the whole family, and it can also help you get to know your children better as well. You'll have easier conversations at mealtime when they're able to share what their thoughts are on books or other topics because you've already been engaging them in this conversation!

2. Plan a family trip over the weekend.

Sometimes the best way to explore a new place is with your family! Travel packages in Virginia Beach, Ocean City, MD or Cape Cod can be found and each destination has something different for everyone. When you're planning an outing that will keep kids talking about how much fun they had all summer long, try a Coin Flip Trip! You won't regret it, plus there are loads of other fun activities like amusement parks, zoos and museums!

Don't let finances limit your family's fun! Plan a day trip with the kids and pull up map of 3-hour radius around where you live. What can you do? Where can go? Let them help plan for an unforgettable experience out there in this beautiful world we all share together!

3. Plan a nature hike in your own backyard.

When you go on walks with your little ones this summer, teach them about the natural world. Talk about what they can see as they explore their neighborhood or a nearby trail and show them different plants like trees, flowers and birds along the way. Not only will it keep boredom at bay but also work to develop speech skills while helping children organize thoughts in an exciting way!

4. Try two new recipes each week

Decide on two new recipes to try out together as a family each week sing healthy ingredients you have on hand in your fridge and pantry. Cooking with your kids is an easy and fun way to teach them about healthy eating while entertaining their mind. You'll be shocked at how much they enjoy it, too! Added bonus: you don’t have to cook so much!

5. Visit the park and play catch and/or the splash pad.

New studies have shown that children are becoming more sedentary and this is affecting their health. But no need to worry, we've got your back! There's a fun summer-time activity for kids of all ages with the potential benefits on both physical and mental development: playing in water during hot days will keep them cool while also providing an opportunity for exercise. If it’s too hot outside or if you prefer indoor games, turn on the sprinkler first so they can play catch in wet grass – which means even less work than running around from one side of the backyard to another!

6. Join your kids in writing down five things you're each grateful for on a piece of paper every day this summer.

To do this, take turns reading your thoughts aloud and then start over again the next morning with a fresh piece of paper. Sharing good news will keep kids busy all summer long!

7. Go back to basics

Break out the classic board games like Monopoly, Life and Chutes & Ladders. Feeling creative? With a little help from the kids you'll be able to create your own family-friendly tabletop game too! Use small items such as paper clips for pawns or make up simple rules that can only be guessed by rolling dice – there's nothing quite like getting together around the dinner table (or the living room floor) on a rainy day and bonding over some old fashioned fun.

fun activities

8. Plan a trip to the local amusement park.

This is a great way to have fun together as a family while getting out of the house. If you plan to go frequently, see about getting a membership. It could save you lots of money.

9. Schedule regular sports lessons for your child at your local sporting complex.

One of the best ways to get your kids outdoors this summer is by playing sports. Not only does it provide exercise, but they can make lifelong friendships with other children and parents that participate in group activities.

10. Consider signing your kids up for public swimming lessons at your local community center.

Having the kids involved in swimming activities is an excellent way to teach them water safety and can even help build their confidence around other people. Plus, swimming is always fun!

11. Plan a trip to go see your hometown team play.

Or plan a trip with your family to go see the big game or make plans to attend the state championship football game if they have one this year. Take along lawn chairs, blankets and snacks for some comfort during these exciting events and make them great fun activities for the whole family!

12. Make a summertime bucket list with your kids

Then check things off when you do them together! It’s fun to set goals that will keep everyone busy all summer long – so take some time to think about what your family might enjoy doing during the next few weeks or months, whether it be biking near the water or going fishing! There are all sorts of fun activities you can add to your list!

13. Bring back the ice cream truck!

There's nothing like a summer night spent with family and friends as you all enjoy some delicious treats from an old-fashioned ice cream truck.

The local kids will have something to look forward to in the evenings, while adults can reminisce about their childhood summers of playing outside until dusk. We suggest that your company schedule regular visits for this beloved tradition during those hot months when everyone needs it most–summertime is too short not to take advantage of every last second we get before school starts up again!

14. Take advantage of what's available around you for free

There are all kinds of free programs like library card catalogs, park and recreation department sponsored activities, summer camps, special events like picnics and parades! Some places will even have “dive in” movies where you hang out at the pool or sit on a blanket with some snacks to watch a movie projected onto an outdoor screen.

You can find out what's on in your community and share it with your kids so they know where to go for their summer vacation!

15. Dine out with the family once a month and find healthy restaurants!

Planning monthly dinner outings together as a family is fun way to get everyone involved and try new things. When it comes down to dinner, children may be tempted by expensive fast food chains because they are marketed aggressively all around us but you can use these ‘dine out' nights to teach them about different cuisine and get them to try new things!

16. Share some quality time with the kids.

Planning “just us” moments is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Create the opportunity for each child individually by spending some dedicated one-on-one time together or separately and you'll help build bonds of love that last forever!

17. Check out some free outdoor concerts

Or shows or other special events happening around your neighborhood. This is an excellent way to enjoy what's available near you without spending a ton of money doing so! Your city's website will most likely have a calendar of events so you can find out what's happening on any given day.

What are you waiting for?

Summer is a great time to try new things and spend quality time with your family. You can plan a fun vacation, explore the library, or even get an ice cream from the ice cream truck! This summer's favorites include: exploring all that nature has in store for you at dusk; getting lost in some of your favorite childhood stories under stars by flashlight light ; building sandcastles on cool Summer mornings; feeling warm sunrays after rainstorm—all while sipping lemonade iced tea!

Summer fun activities are as diverse as people themselves. What are some of your favorite summer activities? We would love for you to share them in the comments below!

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