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Lose Your Attachment to Stuff

Let’s cut to the chase. Minimizing takes setting emotions and attachments to material things aside. That’s not always easy to do and some can’t manage to do it at all. Our Attachment to Stuff Our attachment to stuff is almost always associated with memories. That picture your son drew the first day of kindergarden. The…

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Are You a Hoarder?

Of course, by instinct, our answer to this question will be no. But, is that the honest answer? Are you unable to use some parts of your home due to clutter, such as a table or counter tops? Do you tend to stock up on things for which you have no real use? Do you…

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Ideas for Home Organization

As you make plans to organize and declutter your home, you will probably want to do as much research as possible in order to get an idea of what you like. By looking at several different places for inspiration, you will get clear ideas of what you do and do not like. By looking extensively…

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It’s Never Too Late

What dreams would you pursue if you knew it was impossible for you to fail? If your dreams are possible for others, then you can achieve them too! Your current position in life can be the launching pad to the destiny you’ve always dreamed about. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your current position…

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Use Social Media Effectively

One thing that can take up a lot of time is social media. If you really want to simplify your life, you can use social media in a way that doesn’t cause more chaos. Let’s look at the different ways to use social media more effectively, whether for work or play. Simplifying your online life…

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Take Control of Your Money

One of the most critical aspects of your life to simplify is your finances. Taking control of the money that comes in and goes out of your household is imperative. Many people (me included) believe that their lack of money contributes to their complicated and overwhelming lives, but what if you’re just not keeping your…

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