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Mastering the Art of Delegation

Mastering the art of delegation is one of the skills that can totally change your life. The problem with most people, especially women, is that they tend to think they’re the only one who can do something and do it right. *Guilty as charged* The thing to remember, though, is that “right” is often subjective.…

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Get Your Priorities Right

When you want to simplify and minimize your life, the first thing that must happen is to set your priorities. This works for both your personal life and your work life. Whether it’s a large project or a small one doesn’t matter. Knowing how to choose where to start, how to organize it, and what’s…

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5 Tips to Start Minimizing

Starting the path to minimizing can be overwhelming when you look at the whole task as one. Breaking it down into sections is the best way to approach the task. Where do I start? How many times have you looked at that closet, drawer, cupboard or room and just closed it back up because the…

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Self Care isn’t Selfish

Sometimes, when you put your wants and needs first, people will call you selfish. They’ll make you feel like you shouldn’t do things for yourself or do things that make you feel better. Well, they’re wrong. What you’re doing is called self care. Whether it’s something as simple as getting your nails done or taking…

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Memorial Day

On this day, Memorial Day, we honor those who fell in the line of combat. Those who gave all to fight for our freedom and our country.  We also honor their families.  Those who lost their loved one while that loved one fought for all of us. To the families of the fallen, I salute…

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