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5 Tips to Start Minimizing

Starting the path to minimizing can be overwhelming when you look at the whole task as one. Breaking it down into sections is the best way to approach the task.

Where do I start?

How many times have you looked at that closet, drawer, cupboard or room and just closed it back up because the thought of cleaning it out overwhelms you?

We tend to look at the big picture first, when we really need to just break it down into little snapshots.

Figure out your values

You want to define your core values. James Clear lists the most commonly used core values there, but you choose what yours are (whether on that list or not).

I chose three core values when starting to minimiize my life and household. They are balance, growth and peace.

Your core values will help you as you minimize your life. What stays and what goes should align with them

Start small

Pick a cupboard in your kitchen, that junk drawer that we all have or even a desk drawer. I cleared off the top of my dog's kennel yesterday. Things that didn't have a place just got piled up on top of it. It's nice and neat now. 🙂

Empty it completely out. Then, put only what is going to ‘live' there back in.

We tend to collect stuff even when we try not to, so this is an important step for each area you do. It gives definition to what belongs there.

Know it's value

For each item you keep, define it's value for you. Does it align with your values? Does it add value to you, your life, your goals?

Rinse and repeat

I love this phrase when it comes to repeating a task, so I use it in replace of ‘repeat the process'. Same premise, but ‘rinse and repeat' makes me smile.

Declare a clutter-free zone

Do this with each area you finish. Make it a point to go back every few weeks or months and repeat the process if it's become cluttered again.

Start small, end big

Starting small helps you keep from getting overwhelmed by the task at hand. It also helps you focus on what really gives you value as you sort through items you may have had for years. At the end of the day, the goal is to help facilitate peace and lower the stess in our lives by making our lives easier. Teaching us that less can really equal more.

Print out the minimizing tips sheet (just click it to download your free copy) and get started today! Share your progress with me in the comments here or on the Facebook page. I'd love to celebrate your success with you!

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