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Being well organized gives you power

There are clear benefits to being well organized. Disorganization is one of the main reasons people suffer from anxiety at work and at home.

When people feel so busy, they feel as if they cannot function and that it is not suitable for them – for their home life or for their jobs. As you simplify your life and become more organized, you’ll reap all these benefits.

You’ll Be Able to Focus More

When you are organized, focusing on a task at hand is always more comfortable because you’re giving yourself the time to focus. No one is good at multitasking, though we'll say we are. I've said it, myself. When I really look at it, my mind is going many different ways at one and I'm not really focusing on any of those tasks.

Studies have proved time and again that people just think they’re good at multitasking, but no one is.

You’ll Become More Productive

When you plan, organize, and systemize every aspect of your life, you’ll become super-productive. You’ll get more done than most people because most people don’t plan or organize in a way that makes them more productive.

You’ll Have More Power over Your Time

While you’re given the same 24 hours in a day as every other human being is given, the fact that you know how to use the time given is going to be a huge advantage. You’re going to feel as if you have more time even though you don’t, due to the organization of the time you have.

For example, if you take a shopping list to the store, you’re less likely to have to waste time going back again. This is a perfect example, too. How many times have you gone for groceries without a list and realized you forgot things you needed after you got back home?

You’ll Experience Less Stress

The appearance of less clutter around your environment, at home and at work, will automatically reduce your stress. The main reason is that you’re avoiding time wasters looking for things.

You’ll Feel More Positive Every Day

A funny thing happens when your life is organized; you just start feeling happy. The main reason is that you have fewer stress hormones running through your veins.

The other thing that happens is that you begin to feel successful in life. That makes everyone happy.

Your Creativity Will Increase

It might seem counterproductive at first glance that organization and planning can make you more creative, but it’s true. Your mind cannot get into a creative flow if you are being interrupted all the time by other things.

By setting up your environment to be creative, you will succeed. And who doesn't want to succeed?

You’ll Have More Energy and Excitement for Each Day

Waking up and knowing that you can get through your day and feel accomplished is going to make you feel more excitement and energy for your life. You’ll want to tackle the day because you know you will win.

You’ll Experience More Work-Life Balance

It’s easy to be overworked these days. Most jobs don’t have as rigid work times as they used to have. In fact, a lot of jobs want you there as much as possible. Believe me, I know this because my ‘day' job is like that. I'm lucky in the sense they try to give us more of a balance, but work schedules have changed a lot over the years.

Getting more organized and raising your productivity over every one else's can benefit you and improve your work-life balance in some industries. Your boss may not mind if you cut out to go to your son's baseball game instead of putting your nose to the grindstone once in a while.

You’ll Get Better at Setting and Achieving Goals

When you are organized, it helps you notice what is important and what is not as important. That means that you can set better goals because you know what is most valuable to you and your life.

Plus, due to your organization, you will be able to implement and take action better.

You’ll Experience More Freedom

If you are currently feeling as if all you do is work without any fun in your life, and then you set up a plan to simplify your life, you will automatically experience more freedom.

Time freedom is a great thing because once you realize you have time freedom, the next thing you will realize is that you have money freedom too. That’s powerful stuff.

Just think about how your mornings will be different if you’ve organized everything the night before. Think about how different dinnertime will be if you’ve organized and planned. How fun will it be to take a Sunday to play golf instead of doing laundry because you decided to outsource it?

Your day may look different from this one, but it will be simpler when you’ve taken the time to bring organization into all aspects of your life.

Time to start organizing your days

Remember that priorities checklist? It will help you organize your day. Lets use it, as well as this productivity planner (download for free) to help us get organized.

After you've started utilizing these tools, come back and tell me how your days are going. What have you learned you need to focus on? What do you need me to help you work on? Where are you at in simplifying and minimizing your life?

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