Memorial Day

On this day, Memorial Day, we honor those who fell in the line of combat. Those who gave all to fight for our freedom and our country.  We also honor their families.  Those who lost their loved one while that loved one fought for all of us.

To the families of the fallen, I salute you.  Your loved one did not die in vain.  There are so many thankful for the sacrifice they chose to give.  I know this little blurb does little to ease the pain of losing them, but know I (and many others) grasp the magnitude of their sacrifice.

To those who have served with those who have fallen, I know you carry that with you for the rest of your life.  They become your friends, your family. You take that with you always.

To everyone who looks at this day as just a holiday, please remember the reason for this day.  While you are grilling, drinking, camping, partying…whatever you are doing…remember those who have fallen, giving you the freedom to do just that!

‘All gave some, some gave all' – Howard William Osterkamp from Dent, Ohio; Korean War Veteran and Purple Heart recipient 

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