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How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe – for Men

The time has finally arrived. You’re ready to go on that hot date you’ve been eagerly anticipating all week, so you decide to spruce things up by dressing dapper in chinos and a dress shirt- but what about the missing outer layer? Sure suits do the trick at work, but where is your blazer or sports jacket for an occasion such as this?

Or perhaps you’ve been waiting for this meeting all week. You went to the store, bought a suit and everything that goes with it- except cufflinks! As if your outfit couldn't be perfect without them. All of sudden there are cuffs on every pair in sight–no one seems to have matched theirs up either!

A few days later, you have a beach party with friends. The weather is gorgeous and it's your day to look good! You rummage through your chest of drawers for the perfect shorts but all that remains are old gym shorts – barely appropriate attire for the beach. With no stylish swimwear in sight, you reluctantly slip on slim-fit dark denim jeans knowing how uncomfortable they'll be when worn without an air conditioned home or even worse…the heat from sand will make them hotter than ever before! But what can one do? Be prepared right?!

Ever have that feeling of dread before you get dressed in the morning because there's not enough time to try on every article of clothing? You're probably a man who needs to dress for work, school, or whatever else you do during your day-to-day life and end up wearing the same clothes all week. We've compiled five tips below that will help you build an efficient minimalist wardrobe so saving time and money is easy as 1 2 3!

5 Key Tips for Building Your Wardrobe

Tip One: Invest in quality clothing.

You are going to be wearing the same clothes more often. It pays off to buy quality clothing that can stand up against extra wear and tear, so you don't need a closet full of $19 shirts from Walmart. Though it might run higher in price at first glance, investing in one shirt or dress with good fabric will save money over time as they last longer than cheaper ones which fray easily due to poor-quality materials.

Tip Two: Dress for the occasion.

The way you dress can have a huge impact on your professional success, and wearing clothes that are too formal or informal will make it more difficult to impress people who matter most to you at work, school, church, etc…

Tip Three: Mix and match your clothes.

If you are investing in quality clothing, it's okay to mix and match pieces from different outfits for a more casual look that is still polished enough for the work day or school day!

For instance, a nice pair of jeans and solid colored t-shirt for a casual day is great. Toss a blazer on and you're ready for a nice dinner out!

Tip Four: Wear one color of pants at a time (or two).

It'll be much easier to coordinate with tops and shoes if you stick to one color of pant at a time. While you're inclined to have multiple colors of pants, it's much easier to coordinate shirts and shoes with just one or two colors.

Tip Five: Get rid of the things that don't fit or no longer suit your style.

If every day is full of wardrobe dilemmas, it's usually because we are trying to wear clothes out that no longer suit our style or are ill-fitting. The best way to deal with this is to just get rid of anything damaged or doesn't fit anymore.

Transform Your Wardrobe

Keep reading for a step by step guide on how to build your minimalist wardrobe:

minimalist wardrobe for men

Step One: Find your color scheme. This can be done in two ways, either buy clothes that are the same colors and then add other pieces as you go along, or pick out the colors that you want to dominate your wardrobe and then find pieces in those colors.

Step Two: Pick out the clothes for work or school first, as these are the most frequent articles of clothing worn on a daily basis. It is easier to build outfits around what you already have if you know where it will be used!

Step Three: Add casual clothes to your wardrobe next, as these are usually worn on weekends.

Step Four: Once you have every day covered with clothing that will be used the most often, add in items for more formal occasions. If this is a complete overhaul of how you dress and not just simplifying what's already there, it would also be a good idea to add in things for everyday wear that will cover any formal occasions you may have this season.

Step Five: Lastly, get rid of anything that doesn't fit or no longer suits your style! This is the step most people forget about because they don't like confrontation and want to keep everything they buy even if it's not really working for them. But if it's not fitting you well, doesn't match your style anymore, or is just too ratty to wear in public, get rid of it!

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

This is a guide on how to build the perfect wardrobe for men. We'll start with casual, business and formal attire which will include essentials like jeans, t-shirts and button ups! Remember that it's important to be well prepared in your closet without taking up too much space. Organization makes this easy when you have multiples of clothing items they can serve different purposes such as dressing up or down an outfit according to what shoes are worn or if going out after work versus staying home.

  1. Solid color button down shirts
  2. Black dress pants/chinos
  3. Pair of denim jeans
  4. A couple solid colored t-shirts/henleys
  5. “Business Casual” wear for work events/meetings: a good pair of slacks and a nice polo or button down shirt
  6. Fall/Winter: blazer or sport coat
  7. Spring/Summer: light jacket or windbreaker
  8. Hoodie
  9. Pair of dress shoes
  10. A couple pairs of sneakers/shoes for casual wear. These can be nicer like a pair of chucks, or more simple and classic in style like tennis shoes.
  11. “Formal” clothes: these are usually for weddings, or very dressy occasions (black tie optional)
  12. A tuxedo
  13. Tailored suits, especially if these are appropriate office attire
  14. Black shoes and belt for the suit. Optional: white shirt and black bowtie/neckwear. A pocket square is a nice touch as well!
  15. “Formal” clothes: these are usually for weddings, or very dressy occasions (black tie optional)
  16. A tuxedo
  17. Tailored suits, especially if these are appropriate office attire. Optional: white shirt and black bowtie/neckwear. A pocket square is a nice touch as well!
  18. Ties: A couple solid colored ties that match your color scheme and at least one patterned tie.
  19. Cufflinks – no suit or tuxedo is complete without these.
  20. Underwear & Socks: While clothing closest to your skin is often ignored, these essential items are necessary to both feeling good and keeping the rest of your outfit well integrated. Opting for higher quality cottons in basic, neutral colors such as greys, blacks and navy’s will do the trick because you can never have enough cotton basics in a wardrobe! If you want socks that make a statement when paired with an ensemble or shoe choice like leather boots or oxfords then colorful sock game should be on point!

Make that change!

Building a minimalist wardrobe doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. With these five tips, you can quickly and easily get rid of the items that don’t suit your style while building an efficient wardrobe with quality pieces that are versatile enough for any occasion. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to simplify what's already in your closet, it's never too early (or too late!) to start working towards a more streamlined life! What are some other ways we could help build up your minimalistic lifestyle? Let us know below!

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