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How to Declutter Quickly: A Simple Guide

Before I discovered the life changing act of decluttering, my house was a mess. The clutter around me made it impossible to relax and enjoy myself in any room – including the ones that are supposed to be most relaxing like my bedroom or kitchen. And let's not forget about all those products in our bathroom! We love making ourselves feel good with new things but sometimes we just end up using them once before they become old because there is no space left for anything else. It's so easy to declutter quickly and I'll share actions that make it a breeze in this post.

A messy home can interrupt your normal routine so much that you never truly have time to take care of yourself; when everything’s out on display, it takes away from whatever piece of peace you were trying create by having an aesthetically pleasing living space.

Have you ever thought about decluttering your space? It can change the way you think, and consequently how life is for YOU. I started by listening to a podcast about it on my morning commute one day which was really helpful! Giving this kind of process some time will make all the difference in your mind-frame and well being too so don't feel overwhelmed – just give yourself a chance at better living today.

Decluttering quickly is so easy

Decluttering your house, office or garage has never been easier. Nowadays you can take a declutter challenge on Instagram and get started with Marie Kondo's system of finding joy in what is already there by removing anything that no longer sparks joy. Declutterers' clubs are also popping up all over the country to help people find support!

3 podcasts about decluttering:
The Minimalists Podcast
The Art of Decluttering

Give them a shot, they truly changed my life and how I see my material belongings more than I thought possible.

Decluttering has so many benefits and it's so easy to declutter quickly. There’s no better time to start than now!

Benefits of decluttering:

  • Quicker and easier to clean your home
  • Live in a less stressful environment
  • Be able to find things quickly
  • Have more space
  • Gain clarity and a sense of control over your surroundings
  • Reduce anxiety
  • You will finally LOVE your home!

So how do you tackle what seems like an absolutely mammoth sized task? The same way you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

Make a plan

Which room do you spend most of your time in? Is it the kitchen, living room, or office. We'll start there!

Why? The more you declutter, the better your life will be. You'll feel so much relief that it won't even matter how messy anything was before! It's like a snowball – just start with one room and keep going until everything is as tidy as can be. Trust me: once you've finished decluttering the busiest room in your home, the sense of well-being you’ll get will be so great that I'm sure this effortless lifestyle change has spread to other rooms too (and then some).

When we're surrounded by clutter our minds are cluttered also; but when given an organized space where there isn't any chaos or disorder, not only does it make us happy mentally but physically too because no longer do

Block off some time.

The best way to get things done is in small chunks. That’s why I always take breaks during the day and work for 20 minutes, then stop and do something else until my focus returns again- like reading a favorite book or playing with your kids! It may be hard when you have little ones under foot who need constant attention but it can help them explore their imagination while also giving mom time to clean up after herself.

I find that taking short breaks throughout the day helps me stay focused on tasks at hand without getting distracted by other distractions around me. When there are children running about everywhere needing instant parental monitoring, this means cleaning up one room of messes before moving onto another more chaotic area of the house. This also helps you keep motivated to declutter quickly.

The 4 bag hack

One of the most helpful and creative hacks I’ve found recently is about cleaning your home quickly when company may be coming. The author suggests using four bags to divide items up: belongings you are keeping, things for donation, trash; and one bag that includes all three piles in case they need it later on down the line!

  1. Things to go in the trash

Broken things, sentimental items that you’ve been hanging on to for years, expired food, junk mail, clothes that don’t fit anymore  – you get the idea. All things trash go in the – you guessed it – trash bag.

  1. Things to recycle

When you're decluttering, do your part to save the planet! Recycle what you can instead of throwing it out. You'll be amazed at how much stuff we have that's recyclable and once you see it for yourself, give yourself a pat on the back rather than taking an easy route by just putting everything in the trash bin.

  1. Things to give to charity

One man’s trash is another man's treasure, right? The beauty of giving things to charity is that there might be someone out there who couldn’t normally afford quality clothes, furniture or books and because you donated they are now able to buy it at a reasonable price. Every donation has the potential to change someone’s life for the better. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of love and kindness from one person to make an entire family's dreams come true.

If you are in need of extra cash, take the items you could donate and sell them instead. There are consignment shops in most larger cities now and you could always have a garage sale, too. This requires a little extra work, but is a great way to make some extra cash, and help you save more for the future.

  1. Things you want to keep

Keeping items that don’t make you joyous or fantastic is a waste of your time and space. You should be ruthless with the ones you keep, only keeping those things which will actually bring joy to your life today.

declutter quickly

Finish the job

That wasn’t so bad, was it? But your job isn’t done just yet!

  1. Put the trash bag… in the trash!
  1. Take the recycling to your local recycling center.
  1. Contact charities close to you who would be willing to take or even collect your things, then list the things that are worth selling on eBay (for example). Goodwilland Salvation Army are larger entities that take donations. You can also look for local second hand and consignment shops, if you prefer to sell some of the items.
  1. Find a home for all the things you’re keeping, or put them back where they came from.

Now you can use this exact set of actions on the rest of your rooms in our house. Simply rinse and repeat! These actions are key to helping you declutter quickly. Don’t feel like it is compulsory to do all these tasks today, but if you are feeling up for a challenge – go ahead and have at ‘em!

Put a new system in place

When you’ve finally finished this task, the next habit is not to reverse all of your hard work. The best way to keep your house clutter free? Put systems in place that will ensure that things don't stack up again!

You think it will take a couple minutes to clean your room, but before you know it the amount of clutter in each room starts adding up. The solution is having small boxes everywhere that can be emptied at the end of every week with just a few quick moments!

Invest in the right kind of storage for your space. Once everything has its permanent place, you’ll find it far easier to keep on top of things and you’ll never have to go hunting for something you need.

Get the household on board

One of the toughest parts about living with other people or having children is communicating to them where things go. It's important that everyone involved in this process has a voice and gets a chance to be heard; both you and your roommates should take turns speaking up! But don't worry, it doesn't have to be hard – especially if there are kids around. You can make everything clear by using pictures or pretty letters so they will know exactly what goes where (and see how fun this new way of life can really be!). Studies show that repeated actions for two months become habits over time, so stick with it even when change seems daunting at first because down the road nobody will remember what used to happen before anyway!

You've got this!

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, remember how good it feels to have a simpler life where stress is no longer an issue. You’re on a journey that will free up your time and let you reclaim what matters the most in this world – finding peace at home! Put some of those favourite tunes on with full volume (I promise they won't disturb anyone!) And get started today and every day from hereon out, we're only hours away from our new sanctuary.

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