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4 Creative Ways to Maximize The Space You Have – Minimizing Journey

The benefits of minimizing are not limited to just getting rid of things. If you take the time to evaluate what's important in your life, it can be a positive experience.

Sometimes when we're looking for ways to free up space and find some peace from clutter on our desks or floors, it might help us actually make room for something else that has been missing – like more love or joy!

Today, I'm going to talk about some creative ways that you can maximize the space you have. Turn those stair landings into book nooks or organize all of the shoes better! There are plenty of options when it comes down to opening up more living space while also keeping items close by like clothes and other necessities.

We can all agree that there is never enough space. Whether you're living in the suburbs with a home or apartment, or just trying to cram your clothes into one closet – it feels like we are always running out of room. In this post I'll show you how to utilize the space available, even that hidden real estate within your home.

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Targeted Ideas to Maximize the Space

Bookworm – Make a reading nook.

That window on the landing to the second floor, the open area in front of the bay window in the living room or dining room or maybe that little closet you don't use for anything at all. Any of these can be turned into a simple reading nook with book storage. Nothing like maximizing the space you already have for something unique!

A lot of times, we don't think about the stair landing as anything more than just that. But, you could easily add a DIY storage bench and a wall mount light under the window to give your family a dedicated reading area with a little comfort.

Or, maybe you have that little inset under the stairs on the main floor. Yet another perfect area for a reading nook with storage. Perhaps, that closet that you really don't use or need for storage because you've minimized your belongings. It could be the perfect reading nook.

I don't have a large enough landing to turn it into a nook, but I do have a hallway closet on the top floor with no doors, which is perfect for a reading nook. I'm in the process of painting it and, when done, it will have a large LoveSac and a small bookcase in it for storage. Comfy, bright and out of the way so I can escape into my books.

Shoe Diva?

The one downside of your style is that you have to worry about matching shoes with outfits. I know a girl who has so many pairs of shoes she can't store them all in her house!

I'll be honest, I couldn't relate because my shoe collection only amounts to six pair; but the same goes for friends whose styles are always on-point and stylish – they complain constantly about lack of space for their footwear.

Unless you have a huge, walk-in closet; storage space in your room is sparce. This is where you get creative. That space under the bed is prime real estate. Underbed storage drawers are perfect for out of the way shoe storage. They can be used for out of season clothing, too, if you are like me and don't have a lot of shoes. You can even make your own to maximize the space available!

Another shoe storage idea is crown molding on the back wall of your closet. It holds shoes with even a 1/2″ heel well. What a creative way to organize your shoes!

Closet Chaos?

When you're a busy parent, it's hard to keep your home tidy and organized. A major offender is the closet – most of us use our closets like an extra room because we can't find space anywhere else in the house. Closet organization should be done by category: clothes on hangers, shoes and purses lined up against one wall or shoe racks with shelves for other accessories that don't hang well such as belts or scarves.

Let's face it; many of us turn our closets into catch-alls more often than neat organizing areas for clothing & accessories! We also miss out on prime storage area right under our noses!

I live in the Midwest and like many of you, we have clothing for every season. We only wear most of this clothing during that one season. I mean, you're not going to be wearing a heavy sweater when it is 90 degrees outside or wearing tank top during winter time with such cold winds blowing around! But still need them hanging up waiting for their turn.

If you're like me, you don't have a place to store out of season clothing until it's needed. This is how I've managed to maximize space in my closet while keeping my seasonal items available.

First, I sorted my clothing by the season it is normally worn in and got rid of the clothing I was hanging on to for the ‘just in case' scenarios (weight gain/loss, never worn, etc). Then, I got slimline hangars and space saver hangars. Just these two steps freed up about half of the space on my closet rod.

Next, I'm going to mount crown molding on one wall. I'll only need a couple pieces because we only have about 12 pairs of shoes. Crown molding is a great way to store shoes on your closet wall.

Just like mentioned above in the Shoe Diva section, underbed storage drawers can be used for out of season clothing and even bedding, also. I don't have that option as I have no space under my bed (pallet frame), but my son does and uses the space to store his lego collection instead of in his closet.

Add shelves to your closet! This is an easy DIY project that can add storage and give you more options for storing clothes in those open spaces. All it takes are some simple wood pieces, screws, and wire for this cheap as heck DIY! Or, you won't have to worry about drilling, as adjustable shelving won't require any tools at all. Suddenly the space above your rod has turned into useable real estate!

Kitchen Guru?

Now, this is my home inside my home. I love to cook and be in my kitchen. Granted, my kitchen is very small. My home was built in the early 1900s and large kitchens weren't really a thing. Nowadays, the kitchen is gathering point. Back then, it was the dining room (mine is huge). Since I love to create in the kitchen, it's very important I maximize the space and utilize every inch of storage available.

I like my kithen gadgets and, while I've pared down my collection quite a bit, finding storage and organizing them has been a bit of a challenge. This is yet another room it's fun and great to get creative. Everything from pegboards on the walls for frequently used tools to sliding drawers in the cupboards to organize pots and pans, the ideas are limitless. These ideas are DIY, too, which make them even better for me.

As for the drawers, there are all kinds of drawer organizers and dividers out there. I like the dividers that I can adjust the size for the different types of tools. I also use these wire baskets for our silverware because a standard holder doesn't fit in my skinny silverware drawer and they interlock, too!

Which area next?

Maximizing space and minimizing clutter has never been so easy. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or mansion, there are ways to make the most of any available space in your home. And with our help, it doesn't have to be difficult! We can provide tips on how to find those hidden spaces around your house that don't even seem like they're usable for storage but really do exist–just waiting for someone clever enough to find them!

Share your ideas and organization hacks with us, too! What have you done to maximize your minimizing?

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