Saying Goodbye to a Local Icon

This morning, we said goodbye to a local icon.  Willy Woodburn's is the iconic mom and pop cafe.  The place you go to get comfort food, food your grandma (or grandpa, in this case) would make.  The little corner cafe where regulars are sitting at the counter, talking about the weather and drinking coffee.  The place you go when you need to get grounded again, instead of hitting the variety of chain restaurants around you.

Willy's officially closes tomorrow, but since we'll be busy tomorrow, we needed to get our last breakfast in today.  Damien loves going to Willy's and was almost in tears when I told him that it was the last time he'd have his favorite biscuits and gravy.

Damien at Willy Woodburn's

Bill (Willy) and Linda have run Willy Woodburn's just the way a hometown cafe should be run.  Great food, friendly service and great conversation.  All the things that bring me back regularly.  All the things that Damien loves about them.  Their staff is more like their family, not employees.  Their customers are friends.

I will truly miss this local icon, but I wish Bill and Linda the best as they choose the next fork in the road on their journey.  Thank you both for many years of great food and a great atmosphere!

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