Israeli salad - Greek salad

Let’s Talk Keto

I’ve talked about the Keto diet a while back on here. I did attempt it but, due to my allergy to tree nuts, it just wasn’t a good fit for me. That being said, I have some friends that have had great success utilizing this diet. This is a more indepth overview of the diet,…

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Nail Polish - Hand model

Self Care isn’t Selfish

Sometimes, when you put your wants and needs first, people will call you selfish. They’ll make you feel like you shouldn’t do things for yourself or do things that make you feel better. Well, they’re wrong. What you’re doing is called self care. Whether it’s something as simple as getting your nails done or taking…

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A Day in the Life of Me

Good morning. Grab a cup of coffee and relax with me. That’s my normal morning routine. Grab a cup of coffee, scroll through Facebook memories and relax before I start the day. Then, I’ll make a list of everything I need or want to get done in the day and look over whatever I didn’t…

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Ketogenic diet - Low-carbohydrate diet

Keto what?

So, 4 years ago I was at my ‘ideal’ weight.  I weighed 146 lbs and achieved that via an At Work WW group.  I made lifetime and was very happy about that.  Unfortunately, that at work group was cancelled because people quit participating and the meeting schedules around my area did not work with my…

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Memorial Day

On this day, Memorial Day, we honor those who fell in the line of combat. Those who gave all to fight for our freedom and our country.  We also honor their families.  Those who lost their loved one while that loved one fought for all of us. To the families of the fallen, I salute…

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Saying Goodbye to a Local Icon

This morning, we said goodbye to a local icon.  Willy Woodburn’s is the iconic mom and pop cafe.  The place you go to get comfort food, food your grandma (or grandpa, in this case) would make.  The little corner cafe where regulars are sitting at the counter, talking about the weather and drinking coffee.  The…

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